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Architecture and Interior Design


Useful Subject Headings in UC and OhioLINK Catalogs

Architecture - human factors 
Architecture - environmental aspects 
Architecture - psychological aspects 
Architectural design - evaluation 
Human ecology
Interior decoration - psychological aspects
Human beings - influence of environment

Subject Headings concerning Universal Design

universal design
barrier-free design
design for all
inclusive design
architecture and the handicapped
physically handicapped - housing
aged - dwellings
architecture and the aged 
handicapped - housing
interior decoration - human factors
people with disabilities - housing
older people - dwellings - designs and plans

Call number area to browse for books on Universal Design:   NA2545 
Call number to browse for Human Factors / Ergonomics:     TA166

Reference Books

Major Research Journals on Design and Behavior

Useful Terms

For spas & retreats: 

•Well-being & environment 
•Color & mood 
•Therapeutic environment 
•Stress; serenity

For art museums: 
•Spatial organization & art 

•Visitor behavior 
•Visitor circulation 
•Visitor movement patterns 

For offices: 
•Office environment 

•Working space 
•Workplace design
•Privacy & job satisfaction 
•Lighting & productivity

For bars & restaurants 
•Beverage consumption & psychology 

•Sound environment 
•Social context behavior 
•Lighting & mood 
•Personal space 
•Spatial behavior 
•Color & physical surroundings 
•Color & psychological effects

For retail spaces: 
•Consumer spatial behavior (instead of movement or circulation) 

•Consumer behavior & environment 
•Store atmosphere 
•Customers & physical surroundings

It may also be useful to combine the above terms with any of the following terms: 
interior design 
environmental effects 
facility design

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