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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard - A Guide for Faculty

Adding a Link to an Article in a Database or Online Journal

You can create links to many of the articles available through Library databases and online journals.

In order to create a link to an article, you need to use a permanent link. Permanent links may also be called persistent links/URLs, permalinks, stable URLs or DOIs (digital object identifiers.)

Example of a persistent link from a JSTOR database:

If a permanent/persistent link is not part of the record, you may need to look for a link to it. Example of displaying a permanlink in an EBSCO database:

Note: In order for your students to access the articles from off campus locations, the persistent link needs to include the prefix for the Libraries’ proxy server. If the persistent URL does not have this prefix, you can easily just add it to the front of the link.

The proxy server prefix is

Persistent URL for an article:
Link for off-campus access with the proxy server prefix:

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