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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard - A Guide for Faculty

Characteristics of Courses for Embedding Librarians

Courses That Could Benefit from Embedded Library Services

 In general, courses where students use the library collection or library research databases, need assistance with information literacy issues like citation formatting or need to find data or data sets are good candidates for embedding library resources and/or a librarian.

Both face to face and online courses can benefit from embedding library resources, library research instruction and librarians.

However, in order to sustain an embedded librarianship program, if a librarian supports both online and face to face courses, it would be important to target online courses since embedding resources and librarians will provide the most impact by serving the needs of students who cannot physically come to campus.

Specific types of courses include:

  •  writing intensive courses or courses that have research papers
  •  freshman required English courses where students have research paper assignments
  •  capstone courses that include a major research project
  •  research methodology courses
  •  graduate courses that include a literature review
  •  research-oriented graduate courses
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