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Business Ethics

Resources for the study of social responsibility in business.


Intangible Value Assessment: IVA measures and analyzes companies’ risk and opportunities arising from environmental, social, and governance issues. IVA scores and ranks company management of key issues relative to sector peers using a best-in-class ratings system, on a seven point scale from ‘AAA – CCC’. You can find IVA content under the IVA Rating column, in the Company Filters box, and in the IVA Report and Industry Report. IVA contact is available for download when you click on a company and on the Industry Reports tab and Also when you Export IVA data.

Impact Monitor: Impact Monitor assesses controversies related to a company’s operations and/or products, and the severity of the social or environmental impact of the controversy. Assessments are represented in the form of Red, Yellow and Green flags. You can find Impact Monitor content under the Impact Monitor Flag column, in the Company Filters box, in the Impact Monitor Report available for download when you click on a company; and when you Export Impact Monitor data.

Business Involvement Screening Research: Business Involvement Screening Research identifies the nature and extent of company business activities in a range of areas. Involvement is represented by Yes/True and No/false. You can find BISR content in 11 columns (Abortion, Adult Entertainment, Alcohol, Cluster Bombs, Contraceptives, Firearms, Gambling, Global Weapons, Land mines, Nuclear Power, and Tobacco), in the Company Filters box. It's also available when you Export Business Involvement Screening data. Note that you can hover over the column name to display a description of the categories.

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