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Tests & Measurements

The resources in this guide facilitate the identification, location or, in many cases, provision of access to tests and measurement instruments in psychology and related fields.


Welcome to the University of Cincinnati Libraries' Tests and Measurements Guide.  The purpose of this guide is to connect UC students, faculty and staff with the resources (electronic or print) they may require to identify, locate or access tests and measurements they may require for their research endeavors.

How to use the Tests and Measurements Guide

Click on the category tabs on the left to access or identify resources or use the Search box above to enter keywords for your topic or resource need.


Video Turorials


  The Video Tutorials' page is well stocked with video tutorials and even an extensive webinar about the use of tests & measures and most particularly about "finding" tests & measures for your research.  A new webinar was recently added that covers not only the finding of these tools but also covers the types of measures and even introductory information on how to identify and select a good measure.




PsycTESTS provides extensive access to unpublished tests, measures, scales and other assessment instruments. The range of instruments represented in PsycTESTS will be of interest to researchers in education, the behavioral and social sciences and related disciplines. The database includes nearly 7,000 tests and over 75% of them are available as full text.  For more informatioin about PsycTESTS, visit the Tests & Measurements - Unpublished Tests page.  





Information on the proper use of tests

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