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The Criminal Justice Resources guides provide links to a wide range of resources to facilitate course work, scholarship and career development.

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Search Query Development

The development of a successful search query can be facilitated by the use of a search schematic to organize and enhance your concept development.

Search Schematic

Use the search schematic below to identify, organize and expand your concept or term development.  Further, use truncation (the symbol may differ in different databases, e.g. *, $ or ?) to retrieve derivatives of a term.  For example, to find variations for the concept of "therapy," enter the following expression: therap*.  This will retrieve articles using any of the following terms: therapy, therapies or therapeutical.  On the other hand, the concept of counseling will not be retrieved.  Therefore, complete the blocks in the schematic to identify synonymous terms, e.g. counseling, treatment, etc.

How you enter the data from your schematic into the search boxes of a literature database will vary according to the database.  Generally, the data from the 1st column will go into the 1st search box as follows: recidivis* OR habitual offend* OR repeat offend*.  The data from the 2nd column will go into the 2nd search box as follows: rape OR rapist* OR sex* crime OR sex* abuse OR sex* assault*.  Concepts "across" the columns are combined using the Boolean "AND" operator to narrow your search.


1st Concept

2nd Concept

3rd Concept


habitual offend*

repeat offend*

 (other synonymous terms ??)









sex* offen*

sex* crime*

sex* abuse

sex* assault

 (other synonymous terms ??)










(other synonymous term ????)





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