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Criminal Justice -- Resources & Services

The Criminal Justice Resources guides provide links to a wide range of resources to facilitate course work, scholarship and career development.

How to find full text articles

Step 1 

Most article databases have direct links  (e.g. a PDF or "Linked Full Text" icons)  OR indirect links (e.g., [Find It!] or [Article Linker])  to full text articles.  Try the following databases to discover the various ways to retrieve full text articles.

Criminal Justice Abstracts

 4 full text options: PDFs, Linked Full Text,  [Article Linker] & [Find It!] 

ProQuest Criminal Justice

 3 full text options: PDFs,  Full Text &  [Article Linker].


 4 full text options: View at Publisher (PDF or HTML), [Article Linker] & [Find It!] 


Step 2

If you found an article but could not access full text from the article database, use the E-Journals finder.  Simply copy the journal title from the database and paste it into the E-Journals search box.

E-Journals Finder (Article Linker) 

Step 3

 If neither of the first two steps produce results, use the UC Libraries catalog to find "print" copies of the journal you need.

UC Libraries Catalog (limited to a journal title search)

Step 4

 In the majority of cases you will find your articles via any of the first three methods. However, in those cases when you cannot find a copy of your article, the UC Interlibrary Loan service (below) provides an effective alternative to putting the article you need on your desktop.

UC InterLibrary Loan service  (West campus users)

UC InterLibrary Loan service (East campus users)


Article Databases

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