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Cite the artist’s name, title in italics, the medium and support, the date, and the institution or individual who owns the work, the city, and, if needed for clarification, the state.  If the location is unknown, substitute location with (whereabouts unknown).  As a general rule, cite images in footnotes/endnotes only.

Work of art – general

5Frank Duveneck, Whistling Boy, oil on canvas, 1872, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati.

Work of art – image database

7Frank Duveneck, 1872, Whistling Boy, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, accessed September 14, 2005,

Bibliographic entry

*note: it is not common practice to cite images in a bibliography, but if a professor requests a citation in bibliographic format, use the following format.


Duveneck, Frank.  Whistling Boy.  Oil on Canvas.  1872.  Cincinnati Art Museum.

From a database

Duveneck, Frank.  1872. Whistling Boy. Accessed September 14, 2007.


Duveneck, Frank.  Whistling Boy.  1872.  Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati.  Accessed Feb. 7, 2008.

Credit lines

*providing the source of the images you cite is helpful to readers and respectful to original owners of the images.  Permission must be granted to reproduce works of art under copyright restrictions.

Image with a copyright restriction

Reprinted, by permission, from John Rewald, Post-Impressionism: From van Gogh to Gauguin, p. 443.  © 1978 by the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Personal photograph

Photograph by author

Photography commissioned by the writer

Photograph by Mary Smith

Photograph without restrictions

Photograph courtesy of Delta Airlines

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