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Using Dropdown Menus & Search Boxes

The drop-down menus and search boxes found on this page are NOT reusable assets that can be mapped/copied. These are tools that can be created using WIDGETS option found under TOOLS in the navigation bar. On the Widgets page, you will choose the type and style of widget. Once your widget's features have been determined, you will copy and paste the code provided into a Rich Text Box on the desired LibGuide. This page displays a few types of widgets that you can create:

  • Dropdown menus by Type
  • Dropdown menus by Subject
  • Search Boxes

Widgets option in navigation bar

AZDB Search Box

Notes: Doesn't appear that we'd be able to do any customization the Search Box such as limiting by type or subject.  

AZDB Dropdown Menu - By Subject (Health Sciences)



  • This is not a true search box, although it will match your typing to items in the dropdown list. 
  • "View More Results" takes to you the AZDB homepage. 
  • Could be useful on C&D LibGuides (e.g. HSL)

AZDB Dropdown Menu - By Type (Government Docs)

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