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Teaching Gifted, Talented and Creative Students

This e-guide provides links to e-books, article databases, useful websites, online tutorials, key journals, and curriculum materials for researching gifted education and for teaching gifted students.

UC CATALOG SEARCH STRATEGIES for Finding Kits, Models, Games, Books and Morr.

The CECH Library has games, kits, puppets, models, DVDs, books, textbooks, and other print/physical resources for teaching K-12 children. The link below leads to a tool that teaches you how to look for these materials in the UC Catalog

A Sample of "Hands On" Kits, Models, DVDs...

The resources below provide a sample of the types of curricular "mixed materials" unique to the CECH Library. Thousands of kits, games, DVDs, audiobooks, teacher handbooks, textbooks, models and more are housed on the 3rd floor of the CECH Library.

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