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Science Diagrams

Provides links to databases, information about book resources and laminated charts/posters/diagrams in the CECH Library.

Finding Laminated Diagrams, Charts and Posters in the CECH Library

Use the UC Library Catalog to find large science diagrams or laminated science oriented charts and posters in the CECH Library.

Go to the UC Library Catalog and perform a subject search by combining your topic with the phrase "and (chart or poster)." Limit your search to the location "CECH Library."

Here are some sample searches. Click on the search terms and you will get results for the science topic and charts/posters/diagrams in the CECH Library:

heart and (chart or poster)

periodic table and (chart or poster)

planets and (chart or poster)

rocks and (chart or poster)

Selected Laminated Diagrams, Charts or Posters in the CECH Library

Charts and posters are filed by call number in the large grayish beige flat file cabinets near the elevator on the 3rd floor of the CECH Library.

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