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K - 12 Textbooks: Current and Historical

Provides information about K-12 textbooks in the CECH Library and in the Archives and Rare Books Library.

Edition Types

The CECH Library textbook collection includes a range of types of textbooks: laboratory manuals, student edition textbooks, teacher's editions of textbooks, workbooks, and teacher's editions of workbooks.  The table below lists the "edition type" codes that are the final piece of each textbook call number:


LM  laboratory manual
LMTE    laboratory manual, teacher's edition
TB textbook, student edition
TE textbook, teacher's edition
WK workbook
WKTE   workbook, teacher's edition

Examples and Explanation of Textbook Call Numbers

The following two tables show examples of textbook call numbers (center column) with an explanation of each part of the call number:

Format: TEXT Textbook
Dewey subject: 574 Biology
Publisher abbreviation:   GMH Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
Publication date: 2002
Grade(s): Gr 9-12 Grades 9 - 12
Edition type: TE Teacher's edition




Format: TEXT Textbook
Dewey subject: 513 Mathematics
Publisher abbreviation:   HSP Harcourt
Publication date: 2002
Grade(s): Gr 3 Grade 3
Edition type: TB

Student's edition (textbook)

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