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Counseling Resources

The Counseling Resources portal provides links to a wide range of resources to facilitate course work,scholarship and career development.

Linking Videos to Blackboard content

UC Libraries' contract with Alexander Street Counseling authorizes linking to any of the 700 plus streaming videos in the series Counseling and Therapy in Video.  Adding these links to your Blackboard course content is simple. 

  1. Connect to Counseling and Therapy in Video.
  2. Find and select the video for which you intend to create a link.
  3. Click on the [Embed/Link] option, and then click on the [Copy Link] button (see below).

4.  Now open your Blackboard course and go to the area, e.g. "Class Assignments," you wish to make the video link.

5.  Use the "Hyperlink" Tool (see below) to add the video link to the title of the video you wish to link (see below).

Searching BOTH collections (vols) simultaneously

  1. Connect to the Counseling and Therapy in Video collection.
  2. Select the [Advanced Search] option from the menu bar.
  3. Across from “Collection” check both Volume I & II (see below).
  4. Enter your search.  For example, enter “Adlerian” into the “Transcripts and Notes” search box to look for this term in the transcripts or release notes for the videos from either collection (see below).

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