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Blackboard - Integrating Counseling Library Resources Into Blackboard – A Guide For Faculty

Use this guide to help you conveniently place library resources with assignment "launch points" to facilitate your students' access to library resources for specific assignments.

About This Guide

The University of Cincinnati Libraries subscribe to a wealth of academic electronic resources for the use of the UC community. This guide will help you to integrate the use of these resources into your Blackboard course shells.

Incorporating links and references to Library resources into your course will benefit you and your students in two ways. First of all, students and those new to electronic research often don’t realize that the contents of these specialized academic resources can’t simply be found with a web search via Google or other popular search tools. Secondly, by promoting and encouraging the use of library materials you provide access to better resources than students may find on their own, which will lead to higher quality papers and assignments.

Click on one of the tabs above for more information about the types of links you can make for your classes.


Contact and feedback

For help and/or suggestions on the content of this guide please contact Olga Hart:,
phone: (513) 556-1850

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