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SMART Notebook

Using SMART Notebook software on a SMART Board rather than another device provides a few additional resources. 

If you open SMART Notebook on the SMART Board in the Production Lab, Rm. 325, (or any other SMART Board), you can find additional content in the gallery.

To open the gallery in SMART Notebook, find the button along the left hand side of the window.

By opening up the Gallery Essentials folder, you are presented with a bunch of options.


Go into the "Arts" folder and then into the "Music" folder.

Under the "Instruments" tab, you will find pictures of various instruments, pictures with accopanying sounds of various instruments, and a stage. Under "Music Notes", there are two options: Music Notes & Paper - Large and Music Notes & Paper - Small. In these folders are notes, rests, clefs, and many more. There are also staffs that you could use as a notebook page that consist of one or multiple bars. These images and activities can be added to enhance your SMART Notebook lesson. 

The Gallery Essentials cannot be accessed on other campus computers that may have SMART Notebook that are not connected to a SMART Board. However, if you were to save a notebook file and open it on another computer, those items already in the notebook would still work as before.

Various Pre-Made Lessons

SMART Exchange

This page connects you with SMART documents that other teachers have already created and shared with SMART. You can search by grade, subject, and file type. Once you find a lesson you like, you can download it for use on your own SMART Board.


Families of Instruments Lesson (Example Lesson from SMART Exchange)

This lesson from SMART Exchange is a good example of a lesson utilizing the SMART Board. Grades 3-6

Longwood School Disctrict SMART Board Lessons

Here is a district that has put a bunch of SMART Board lessons in one convenient place. The lessons are sorted by which school might get the best use out of them.

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