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Blackboard - Integrating CECH Library Resources into Blackboard: a Guide for Faculty

This guide offers links and instruction for integrating library resources and other research tools into CECH course Blackboard sites.

First Consider "Your Virtual Library"

You are welcome to customize your own library content.  However, we encourage you to consult CECH librarians and consider our assistance with  customizing the "Your Virtual Library" module.  Consulting with CECH librarians has the added benefit of possibly engaging them in "embedding" in your course!  Contact Katie Foran-Mulcahy (513-556-1758) or Melissa Previtera (513-556-1329) for more information about embedding a librarian.

Your Virtual Library

"Your Virtual Library" is a module created for CECH Blackboard course sites by CECH librarians (with the assistance of CECH instructional technology staff).  Your Virtual Library can be customized to meet the needs of your course but usually includes:

Please contact Cheryl Ghosh or Lori Choudhury for further information.  Our contact info is displayed in the boxes on the right.

Here is a "snippet" of "Your Virtual Library:"  Note "button" for Your Virtual Library under Course Resources:

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