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Finding Full Text

Many databases available through UC provide links to the full text article. To find out if the full text is available from UC, look for the UC Article Linker icon UC Article Linker.

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E-Journal Tips and Tricks

1.  Off Campus Access

§  If you are at home, University Hospital, UC Physicians or anywhere else away from the UC campus, you must use the proxy server or Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

§  You will not be able to access any e-Journals or other library resources from off campus without using the proxy server or VPN. 

§  Off campus Access:

§  How to set up the SSL VPN

2.  PubMed full text

§  PubMed is free to everyone in the world.  If you limit your search to “free full text” you are only limiting it to the free full text that PubMed provides to everyone in the world – not what UC pays for!  

§  The health sciences library (HSL) has set up special links with PubMed to our electronic subscriptions – you will only see our special links if you are on campus or if you used the proxy server/VPN from off campus.  Use the PubMed link on the library’s home page.

§  For UC’s full electronic text, look for the Article Linker button:

§  Some publishers put their own buttons there, such as:    

Everyone in the world sees these buttons – they are not guaranteed to work and have nothing to do with UC.  If they do work, it is a  coincidence! Do not rely on these buttons.

§  If in doubt, check our online catalog and/or “e-journals” webpage– you might find we have a journal that you cannot get to through PubMed…it does happen!

3.  e-Journals Link

§  Use the e-Journals link on the HSL homepage to search our electronic subscriptions

§  Search by:

·         Known article

·         Journal title

·         PubMed ID number (PMID)

·         Browse by journal title or subject

§  Results will show you the various providers that will lead you to the journal or article

§  Note the date restrictions on some of the journals – choose accordingly

§  Double check the online catalog if you do not see the journal in your e-Journals search

4. Online Library Catalog (

§  If all other methods fail, check the catalog!

§  Contains electronic and print subscriptions

§  Search for the journal title – not the article title

§  Use the “Title” tab search function or the “Journal” tab search function

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