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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard - A Guide for Faculty

About Embedded Videos

"Embedding" a film means that you embed the whole video player into another site (in our case your course management system) so that the film appears and can be watched there as opposed to having to click on a separate link to the film.

Videos can be from YouTube, UC Kaltura Media Space, or other video sharing sites that provide embedding code.

Note that some  videos may be too large for the space you have, but they can be resized by changing the code.

Finding an Embed Code

On YouTube:

  • Under the video click "Share" - "Embed". Copy the embed code.
















On Films on Demand:

Film thumnail in "Films on Demand" with an embed code

See also "Embedding a Playlist" - Films on Demand Support Center.

Embedding segments is similar to embedding film titles.

On Kanopy:

  • Under the video click "Share" - "Embed." Copy the embed code.

Kanopy screen with the embed code displayed

If you are embedding a playlist and would like to begin at a specific clip, you can force the video to start at this clip by adding "&pos=#" at the end of the URL in the embed code. Replace the # with the position number of the clip within the playlist. For example, if you want the embedded playlist to begin at the second clip, the URL in the HTML code will look similar to this: ""

The UC Kanopy website access is controlled to ensure only UC affiliates can access it. These access controls also apply to embedded films. Off-campus users will be prompted to log in with their UC credentails in order to load the film.

(Modified from "Embedding Films" - Kanopy Help Center.

Library video tutorials

Many library video tutorials currently reside on YouTube (Instruction Channel). Please follow the instructions below for adding their embed codes to your courses.

For your convenience in the guide Introducing Students to Library Research we provided embed codes for most popular tutorials covering various research-related concepts and issues.

Embedding a Video into a Blackboard Course

  • In your Blackboard course position your mouse over the "Build Content" menu and click on "Item."

Buid content menu with the item option highlighted

  • Type in the video title and click on the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" icon (fourth from the left in the bottom row).

Creat item screen with the embed media icon highlighted

  • On the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" screen click the "Source"  tab and paste the embed code you copied from a video sharing site. Click "Insert."

Screen with embed code pasted

Click on The General tab. If desired, change the dimensions. Click "Insert," then "Submit."

Sharing Kaltura Videos

Kaltura is UC's enterprise media streaming and video repository tool. Users have the ability to share media within Blackboard (for course related content) or restrict it to a UC login or with the public through MediaSpace. By default, all media that is uploaded to Kaltura is private. Library tutorials are increasingly published in UC Libraries Kalura MediaSpace. If a tutorial you would like to embed is private, please let us know (email Olga Hart) and we'll find a way to share it with you.

Helpful UCit help pages:

HTML Embed code in  Kaltura Sharing Options Guide

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