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Instruction Community of Practice

Showcasing teaching methods and resources for promoting engaging and effective teaching.

Openers & Ice Breakers

A Concept in 3 Words

  1. While students are arriving, distribute an index card to each student.
  2. Pick a concept and ask the students to write the first 3 words that come to mind about that concept,e.g. research.


      3. Collect the index cards and while the students are doing independent work, create a word cloud with their words using

       4. Show the word cloud and discuss major themes or select a single word, e.g. "quotes" to introduce citing and providing credit for resources.


Getting Started with Research

  1. Create Agree/Disagree cards and place on tables
  2. Working in small teams, ask students to consider the following:  "Many students find getting started is the hardest part of the research process.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why?"
  3. Teams vote by holding up sign
  4. Ask teams to share their "why"
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