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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

Link to the desired journal title in E-Journals (Electronic Journals Finder)

Example: results for the Journal of Research on Technology in Education.

Note: In order for your students to be able to access the online journals off campus, the persistent link needs to include the prefix for the Libraries’ proxy server. You can easily add it to the front of the link. The proxy server prefix is

Reasons why we recommend this option

  • Publishers frequently change their URLs without advanced notice. By linking to the Full Text Journals/Electronic Journals Finder menu, your students will always be able to find the journal you are assigning regardless of publisher URL changes.
  • The date range for full text availability changes and it also varies from database to database. From the menu the students will be able to select the database that has full text for the desired date.
  • A database server may be down or the quality of full text may be inadequate. Students may be able to go to another database for full text.
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