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NEW RefWorks (The Next-Generation RefWorks)

A new version of RefWorks is now available.

Moving Your Legacy RefWorks References into New RefWorks

 Moving (migrating) existing references, including full text attachments and folders, from Legacy RefWorks into the New RefWorks -- University of Cincinnati Legacy RefWorks users have two options.

1)  You will see an option in your RefWorks account, just above the RefWorks logo,  to “Move to the newest version of RefWorks."  Click on this option to begin the process. (For more information on the simple process see the "Migration Instructions" file below.


2)  Alternatively,  you can migrate your Legacy RefWorks data into your New RefWorks account from within your New RefWorks account via the Import references button.  But you must first set up your New RefWorks account.  (For more information on this process see the "Migration via Import Instructions" below.

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