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SoTL Research Process

This guide describes the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research process and resources available through the UC Libraries, the Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and the Institutional Review Board.


From Wikipedia -

Inquiry methods in SOTL may include:

  • reflection and analysis
  • interviews and focus groups
  • questionnaires and surveys
  • content analysis of text
  • secondary analysis of existing data
  • quasi-experiments (comparison of two sections of the same course)
  • observational research
  • case studies
  • additional methods

These methods will generate various data types such as: 

  • Sound recordings
  • Images or video
  • Textual such as questionnaire responses
  • Formative and summative assessments from current students or past ones
  • Numerical data
  • Institutional research data.

From the Vanderbilt University Guide to SoTL

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