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ENGL 2089: Intermediate Composition (UCBA)

Starting point for research for all sections of ENGL 2089.

Authority Scenarios (Chege)

Discuss and record answers to the following question for your team:
What authority/authorities would be good enough to provide information in each of the following scenarios?  Why?

  1. You work for a non-profit organization in Mobile, Alabama.  You want to know how the organization provides food and water to the community in the event of a hurricane.
  2. You work for a hospital in coastal Texas.  You want to know how the hospital will care for patients in the event of a hurricane.
  3. A hurricane is coming and a direct hit is expected in your neighborhood in coastal North Carolina.
  4. You live in Louisiana and want to be prepared for the next hurricane that comes along.
  5. You just moved to Rhode Island.  You want to know your risk of experiencing a hurricane and how much hurricane insurance you will need.
  6. You’re doing a research paper on hurricanes

Deconstructed Literature Review (Chege)

Topic: What were the health implications from Hurricane Katrina?

  1. Review the assigned article
  2. Complete the chart with group's notes
  3. Turn in worksheet at end of instruction class
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