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ENGL 2089: Intermediate Composition (UCBA)

Starting point for research for all sections of ENGL 2089.

Authority Scenarios (McLaughlin)

Discuss and record answers to the following question for your team:

  • What authority/authorities would be good enough to provide information in each of the following scenarios?  Why?
    1. You are doing a research paper on the United States election system.
    2. You have just moved to Austin, Texas. You want to know how to register to vote.
    3. You recently moved to a new apartment in Over the Rhine. You want to know about your new polling location.
    4. You plan to vote in the upcoming November election.  You want to learn more about the candidates for governor and major issues.
    5. You are a reporter for the local newspaper.  You want to write a story on the recent decision about Ohio's voter rolls.

Scholarship as a Conversation Activity (McLaughlin)

  1. Divide six sources among group members
  2. Choose a recorder who will document all notes on group's worksheet
  3. Choose a creator who will draw timeline to visually show conversation over time
  4. Review each source and answer questions on worksheet
  5. Submit worksheet to Librarian at end of class
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