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CEAS Library Microfilm Collection

CEAS Library Microfilm Collection

Number Title

  1 Sharma, Satya Sagar. Ultimate Strength of Steel Columns ..
  2 Stanley, David R. Penetration of Floc Into Sand Filters ..
  3 Gere, James Monroe. Bending and Torsional Vibrations ....
  7 Shulman, Yechiel. On the Vibration of Thermally Stressed Plates in the Pre-Buckling and Post-Buckling States.
  8 U.S. National Commission on Product Safety. Consumer Product Safety Index.
  10 American Society of Civil Engineers. Proceedings v. 96 (1970)-v. 101 (1975)
  12 O'Hara, James B. Complete Data for Table I of Article Entitled: Latent Heats of Vaporization of 88 Organic ....
  28 Balistica
  29 Engineering News Record v. 190 (1973); v. 191 (1973); v. 192 (1973); v. 193 (1973)
  49 Electronic News (1985-1997)
  53 Wang, Sho Dwo. Large Amplitude Oscillations of thick and Thick Walled Elastic Incompressible bodies, 1966
  54 Caromicoli, Carl Adam. Time Scale Analysis Techniques for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  70 Cutting Tool Engineering v. 40(1988)-v. 45(1993) (6 reels)
  71 Industrial Diamond Review v. 48(1988)-v. 53(1993) (6 reels)
  72 Abramovici, M. Fault Diagnosis in Digital Circuits Based on Effect Cause Analysis, 1980
  DDC 1 Defense Research and Development of the 1960's (44 reels)


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