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Circulating Multimedia Technology

Learn more about the circulating multimedia techonology available at The Desk @ Langsam Library.

Circulating Multimedia Technology at The Desk @ Langsam Library

Welcome to the campus guide for Circulating Multimedia Technology available for check out at The Desk @ Langsam Library.

Use the tabs to navigate and learn about the many pieces of equipment and technology available to students for support of their academic activities and research.

Patrons Who Can Check Out Equipment

Primarily, only students and faculty may circulate multimedia equipment from The Desk @ Langsam.

Members of the UC staff at large cannot circulate equipment unless they are: 

  1. currently enrolled in a class or 
  2. teaching a current course. 

Exceptions can be made for staff meeting these criteria. This is facilitated when staff persons submit a printout from their current OneStop account at The Desk. Staff at The Desk will then complete a slip for Verification of Enrollment and attach it to the printout, which is then kept on file for the duration of the current semester. A note is added to the staff person's Sierra patron record, verifying the privileges. All bookings and equipment circulations made to these verified staff will require a staff override.

Equipment Policies

Please note: Only the patron for whom technology and equipment are reserved can check out and return items. Patrons must sign the contract at the time of check out and return. Do not give your borrowed equipment to your friends for return. The library will not accept those items, putting you at risk of overdue charges.

Equipment Fines

The standard overdue fine for equipment is $10/day. This will accrue daily until the 5th day of overdue, when the item switches to BILLED status, resulting in a charge for the cost of the equipment. For example, certain devices may have a cost of $600. Thus, the BILLED status charge to the patron would be $600. 

Remember that charges surpassing $150 for undergrads, grads and staff, and $250 for faculty, will suspend all borrowing privileges for users.

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