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CVE 2003C: Construction Materials

Construction Materials 2015

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BOOKS dealing with Construction Materials can be located through the UC Library Catalog. You can search in the UC Library Catalog by author, title, keyword or subject. General subject headings that can be used include:



2015 International Building Code Illustrated Handbook (TH420.T46 2015)

ACI Design Handbook (TA683.22.A435 2009)
Advanced Buildings: Technologies and Practices (Available on the Web)
Aggregates Handbook, 2nd edition (TE441.A34 2013)

Aluminum Design Manual : Specifications and Guidelines for Aluminum Structures (TA690.A45 2015)

APA Engineered Wood Handbook (TA666.A63 2002)

ARCAT Directory of Over ... Building Product Manufacturers

Architect's Portable Handbook (NA2750.G87 2010)
Asphalt Handbook, 7th edition (TN853.A764 2007)
Asphalt Materials and Mix Design Manual (TE275 .K48 1998)

ASHRAE Greenguide : the Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable Buildings, 4th edition 2013 (TH880 .A83 2013)
Blue Book of Building and Construction (Available on the Web)

Building Construction Handbook  (TH151.C52 2008)
Building Design and Construction Handbook (TH151.B825 2001) 
Building Materials by McGraw-Hill Sweets (Available on the Web)

Building Materials in Civil Engineering (2011)

Calculator Online Center ... Civil Engineering (Available on the Web)

Civil Engineering Formulas (TA331.H53 2010)
Civil Engineering Handbook (TA151.C57 2003)
Concrete and Masonry Databook (TH1461.B42 2003)

Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook (TA681.C743 2008)
Concrete Manual : Based on the 2015 IBC and ACI 318-14 Concrete Quality and Field Proactics (TA439.C56824 2015)

Concrete Pavement Design, Construction, and Performance, 2nd edition 2014

Construction Databook : Construction Materials and Equipment, 2nd edition, 2010

Construction Materials Refererence Book (2014) 
Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Masonry Materials Handbook (TA418.74.C5926 1986)

CRCnetBASE (Available through UC on the Web)
CRSI Design Handbook (TA683.24.C76 2008)
Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, 16th edition (TA439.K64 2016)
ENR Square Foot Costbook (TH437.S68 2013)

Foundation Engineering Handbook : Design and Construction with the 2009 International Building Code, 2nd edition (TA775.D39 2010)

Geotechnical Engineering : Soil and Foundations Principles and Practice (TA705.H36 2007)

Glass Construction Manual (TH1560.G58 2007)

Green Building Materials : A Guide to Product Selection and Specifications (TH455.S65 2012)

Gypsum Construction Handbook  (7th edition, 2014)
Handbook of Highway Engineering (TE151 .H344 2006) 
Handbook of Structural Engineering (TA633.H36 2005)

International Handbook of FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (2013)
Knovel -- Civil Engineering & Construction Materials  (Available through UC on the Web)
Masonry Design and Detailing (TA670.B42 2012)
Materials for Construction and Civil Engineering: Science, Processing, and Design (2015)

Materials for Sustainable Sites : A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Selection, and Use of Sustainable Materials (TH880.C35 2009)
Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (TE251.M43 2008 reserves)
MSC : Modern Steel Construction (Available on the Web)

NIST Virtual Concrete Laboratory (Available on the Web)

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures (TA683 .N663 2010 v.1 and v.2)

PCI Design Handbook : Precast and Prestressed Concrete (TA683.7.P44 2010)

Plastic Piping Handbook (TP1185.P5 W54 2002) 
Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook : Clay and Concrete Masonry (TA670.A56 2009)
Reinforcing Bar Detailing (TA683.42.R45 2000)

RSMeans Concrete and Masonry Cost Data (TA682.26.C66 2016)

RSMeans Illustrated Construction Dictionary (TH9.M4 2010)

Seismic and Wind Forces Structural Design Examples (TA658.44.W54 2007)

Semi-Rigid Connections Handbook (TA492.C7S46 2011)
Significant Changes to the International Building Code 2015. (TH420.T485 2015)

Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers (TA151.S7 2004)
Standard Handbook of Heavy Construction (TA151.S814 1996)

Standard Handbook of Structural Details for Building Construction (TH2031.N4 1993)

Steel Construction Manual (TA684.A47 2011)
Steel Designer's Handbook, 8th edition (2014)
Steel Designers' Manual (TA685.S74 2012)

Steel Detailers' Manual  (TA685.H39 2011)

Steel Structures Design (TA684.W494 2011)
Structural Concrete: Theory and Design, 5th edition, 2012

Structural Engineering Formulas (TA636.M55 2013)
Structural Steel Designers Handbook (TA684.S79 2011)
Sustainable Building Technical Manual (Available on the Web)
Timber Construction Manual , 6th edition, 2012
Timber Designers' Manual (TA666.O93 2006)

Wood Engineering and Construction Handbook (TA666.W63 1997)


Academic Search Complete
ASCE Library (Available on the Web) An index to ASCE publications from 1980 to the present (Available through UC on the Web)
Civil Engineering Abstracts (Available to U.C. on the Web from 1966 to the present)
COMPENDEX (Engineering Village) (Available through OhioLINK from 1884)
Construction Criteria Base (Available to U.C. on the Web)
Google Scholar
Materials Research Database 
Transportation Research Record

JOURNALS are a good source of information on recent developments. Selected titles currently received by the CEAS Library are listed below. To determine if UC Libraries has a journal title, use Full-text Journals or search the library catalog.

American Concrete Institute Materials Journal (TA680.A654)
American Concrete Institute Structural Journal (TA680.A6542) 
Aspire : The Concrete Bridge Magazine (Available on the Web)
Canadian Geotechnical Journal
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering (TA1.N2) 
Cement and Concrete Research (Available to OhioLINK libraries on the Web)
Civil Engineering (NY) (TA1.C55) 
Concrete International (TA680.C772) (Available through UC on the Web)
Construction and Building Materials (Available to OhioLink institutions on the Web)
Energy and Buildings (Available to OhioLink institutions through the Web)
Engineering Computations (Available to OhioLink institutions on the Web)

Engineering Structures (Available through UC and OhioLink)
ENR (TA1.E62) (Also available on the Web) )
Geotextiles and Geomembranes (Available to OhioLink libraries on the Web)
Iron and Steel Engineer (TS300.I63)
Journal of Architectural Engineering (TA630.J66)
Journal of Bridge Engineering (TG1.J68)
Journal of Composites for Construction (TA418.9.C6 J858)
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (TA1.J63)
Journal of Constructional Steel Research (Available to OhioLINK institutions on the Web)
Journal of Energy Engineering (TJ1.J45)
Journal of Environmental Engineering (TD1.J65)
Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (TA705.A525)
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering (GB651.J597)
Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering (TA401.J673) 
Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities (TS175.J6) 
Journal of Sound and Vibration (Available to OhioLINK institutions on the Web)
Journal of Structural Engineering (TA1.A5235)
Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering (TC1.A4)

Marine Structures (Available through UC on the Web)
Materials and Structures (Available through UC on the Web)
Modern Steel Construction (Available on the Web)

The Open Civil Engineering Journal (Available on the Web)
Public Roads (TE23.A43) (Also available on the Web)
Public Works (TD1.P8)
Roads and Bridges (Available through UC on the Web)
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (TA710.A1R55) (Also available to OhioLINK institutions on the Web)
Soils and Foundations (TA710.A1S54)
Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings (Available to OhioLINK institutions on the Web)
Structural Engineering International (TA630.I585)
Structural Safety (Available to OhioLINK institutions on the Web)


If the linked standards below are not working, please use the main MAD CAD link: and locate the standard on the MAD CAD list.

AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures (TE251.A43 1993)

AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction Specifications 3rd ed. (TG310.A437 2010)

AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 6th ed., 2012  (TG23.A25 2012 pts. 1 and 2)
ACI Manual of Concrete Inspection (TA681.A33 2007)
ACI Manual of Concrete Practice (TA681.A45 2016)
Annual Book of ASTM Standards (TA401.A67 2015) (specifically section 4 -- Construction)

Cincinnati Building Code (TH225.C5 A2 1992) (Current edition is available online)

Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges 2010 (Available on the Web)

Construction Criteria Base (CCB) (U.S. government and military standards)
International Building Code 2015. (TH420.S73 2015)

International Existing Building Code 2015. (TH420.I573 2015)
International Fire Code 2015. (K3674.I58 2015)

International Green Construction Code. (TH880.I595 2012)
International Mechanical Code 2015. (KF5708.I55 2015)
International Plumbing Code 2015.  (K3542.I58 2015)

LRFD Guide Specifications for the Design of Pedestrian Bridges (TG428.L74 2009)
MAD CAD (Building Codes Online) (Available through UC on the Web)
Manual for Condition Evaluation and Load and Resistance Factor Rating (LRFR) of Highway Bridges (TG315.A44 2003)
Manual for Engineered Wood Construction, 2015 edition
Manual of Standard Practice (CRSI), 28th edition (TA683.42.C64 2009)
Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE/SEI 7-10) (TH851.M56 2010)
National Fire Codes, 2015 (NFPA) (TH9111.N375 2015)

National Design Specification for Wood Construction 2015

National Green Building Standard (ICC 700-2012)  (TH880.N38 2012)
Ohio Building Code and Related Codes (KFO459.A1 A3 2005 with annual updates)
Ohio Department of Transportation Design Reference Resource Center (Available on the Web)

Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook : A Companion to ACI 318-14 (SP-17(14)) (TA683.2.R46 2015 v.1-2)
Specification for Structural Steel Building 2010  (Available on the Web)
Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges (TG310.A6 17th 2002)

Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, 34th ed (2014)
Steel Construction Manual, 14th edition (TA684.A47 2011)
Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings (1997)


American Concrete Institute (ACI)
American Institute of Steel Construction
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Portland Cement Association (PCA)
PCI (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute,


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