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STEAM e-kits

This guide features the STEM e-kits in the CECH Library that can be checked out. STEM e-kits are curriculum materials that contain a digital and/or physical components.

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STEAM e-kits

The STEM e-kits below can be checked out from the CECH Library for 5-day with a UC photo id.  "E-kits" are curriculum materials that combine digital and/or physical spaces.    Come, explore, check out the e-kits, and have fun (fun for both you and the students you will teach.)

Gallery (Click on the ekit title or the image for more information)

Dash and Dot

Programmable robots, you will love.

Google Cardboard

Take a field trip to the Eiffel Tower or an ancient ruin!

Picture of Google Cardboard

Makey Makey Classic

Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs.

Picture of a MakeyMakey kit

Hummingbird Robotics Kit

Arts, crafts, and robots!  Hummingbird provides a way to introduce kids to robotics and engineering by incorporating familiar construction materials. (Ages 13+)

image of a


 Make your own video game without fancy code or expensive computer programs.

Picture of a Bloxels board and an iPad with the Bloxel app


"Play beyond the screen" using an iPad, an Osmo app, and Osmo manipulatives

Picture of an Osmo device & learning modules

Ziggi Document Camera

Download Ipevo software and plug into a USB on your computer, then video any kind of process that needs to be demonstrated.

Picture of a Ziggi document camera


A LeapPad is like a tablet but uses cartridges as learning modules.

Picture of a LeapPad and a LeapPad holder

Dash and Dot

Picture of "Dash" and "Dot", 2 programmable robots

  • "Dash" is a robot for children ages 6 and up, it moves, dances, lights up, make sounds, and avoids obstacles.
  • "Dot" is a stationary robot, but don't underestimate this dot's own unique attributes.
  •  Download iOS and Android Wonder and Blockly apps to operate

Makey Makey

Picture of a "Makey Makey" plugged into a computer

  • "Makey Makey" makes anything into a "key" (get it?) by connecting alligator clips" - cited from
  • Make a piano out of bananas, play Mario with Play Dough, and more, really your imagination is the only limit.
  • An invention kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything between




Picture of an Osmo device & learning modules

  • A game system that combines both digital and physical spacess
  • Using the base and red reflector over an iPad camera, view what is physically in front of the iPad
  • Must download Osmos apps to the iPad - already downloaded on the CECH Library iPads


       Picture of a Bloxels board and iPad Bloxels app

  • Build video games without understanding code or owning video computer programs
  • Use the Bloxel Gameboard, various colored blocks, and download the app to a mobile device
  • Imagination is required


LeapPad and LeapPad case

There is one learning module cartridge at this time for LeapPad - Science (Pre-K - Kindergarten, 3-5 years)

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