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EDST 1001


IF YOU ARE READING THIS FROM OFF-CAMPUS,  STOP and login to "Off-Campus Access" (this is a link, click on it) , then come back.  This is the only way to access millions of dollars of full-text resources linked to this guide.


Welcome to the EDST 1001 Course Guide.   This guide will help you:

1.) Know the differences between primary and secondary sources

2.) Know how to find primary and secondary sources

3.) Search a database effectively

4.) Evaluate digital resources

5.) Find lesson plans

6.) Find textbooks and professional materials

7.) How to cite sources

Summon Search: Finding Various Types of Resources (Mainly Secondary, some primary)

Search Summon for articles, books, & more

The Search box above leads to the same search noted below, don't let the different look for each search throw you off.  Here is a  ++ link ++  to the exact search page as the video screencast below. 

Search Strategy

Using the Summon search box above, enter your search terms:

Example:  "early colonial education" and "united states"

HINT:   "....."       quotes keep words next to each other in a sentence


For additional information, watch the Summon Tutorial video above.


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