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English Composition 1001

Research made easy.

Understanding Types of Sources

Depending on your assignment and your topic, different kinds of sources might be useful.  Newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, journal articles, and more all contain different kinds of information, are written for different kinds of audiences, and will incorporate different angles or perspectives on the topic.  

This guide can help you determine what kinds of sources you might want to incorporate into your paper, and what to expect from each source.

Find articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals

The databases listed below are easy to search and contain articles on many topics.

When you find an article you like, look for "Full Text" icons or links like these - PDF, PDF Full Text, HTML Full Text, Article Linker - in order to access the entire article online.

For step-by-step introduction to Academic Search Complete take this interactive tutorial.

Search for newspaper articles, radio & TV transcripts, blogs and more

If you need very current information, consult newspapers, transcripts of radio and television shows (like NPR and 60 MInutes).

You can find world, national, and local papers by starting at the Newspapers Research Guide.

Find books

Search the UC Libraries catalog.

Summon, the library metasearch tool

This tool searches for books, articles, and other materials. It is a library version of Google.

Search Summon for articles, books, & more

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