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Film Studies

Film Studies resources at the University of Cincinnati Libraries

In the UC Libraries collection

Search the UC Library Catalog

If you know the title or director, you can do a TITLE or AUTHOR search. On the results screen from the drop-down menu set to "View entire collection" select "Videos, Films, and Slides."

catalog screen with the drop-down menu to limit searches to videos, films, and slides

Use the advanced search screen to limit your searches, for example, to films in a certain language. Type an asterisk (*) in the search box to find ALL films. In the Optional Limits box do to the LANGUAGE box and select the language from the drop-down menu. Then  go to the VIDEOS/DVDs box and select "All"  (or your format preference) from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can select "Videos, Films, and Slides" from the drop-down menu next to "Limit all searches to:" instead of "View entire collection."

Use a similar strategy to limit your search by year, location, etc.

catalog keyword search screen with limit options

Locate videos and DVDs

Once you found the videorecording in the catalog, please examine the record carefully. The call number is what you need to locate the videorecording on the shelf, but first you need to see which library (location) has the item. If the item is on reserve you need to request it at the service desk of the appropriate library. Please make sure that the status is "Available.".Please note also whether it is a videodisc (DVD) or a videocassette (VHS), because these formats may be shelved separately.


catlog record for a videodisc

catalog record for a videocassette 

 You can request a videorecording from a different library to be delivered to the library of your choice.

catalog record for a videorecording with a request option



In other area libraries

OhioLINK member libraries

If the recording is not available at UC, you can search for it in the OhioLINK catalog. The OhioLINK button is available on the results screen of the UC Library Catalog. You can also use the search box below.

You need to click the "Request" button on the video record screen to request the video to the UC Library of your choice.


OhioLINK: Ohio's Academic Library Consortium 






If the videorecording is not available in OhioLINK, try SearchOhio, which gives you access to collections of public libraries. The SearchOhio button is available on the results screen of theOhioLINK Catalog.

You need to click the "Request" button on the video record screen to request the video to the UC Library of your choice.

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

Search the catalog of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Use the Advanced Search to limit your search to DVD.

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