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Folklore and Fairy Tales

How can you join the conversation?

Now that you have done some research think about ways of joining the conversation.

Here are some ideas:

- Compile a list of sources that were most helpful and explain what you liked about them.

- Present the source that impressed you most. Describe how you found it and what you learned from it.

- Consider submitting a formal presentation (at a conference, workshop, etc.).

- Create a story (video, meme, etc.) inspired by the sources you looked at.

- Find blogs, discussion forums or other media sites, where conversations on yor topic are taking place. Consider adding comments or sharing your ideas.

- Contact the author of one of the sources you used. Do you have any questions for him/her? Comment on how the information was useful to you and how you used it.

- For websites listed in this guide: suggest other resources for inclusion. I welcome your suggestions!

Where can you share your work?

Congratulations! You came up with a great annotated bibliography (essay, video. etc).

Make sure it looks professional and polished.

How can you share it with others and get feedback?

Get tips on publishing your content (along with best practices for various presentation formats) in our online guide.

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