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FYE Seminar (College of Allied Health Sciences)

This guide is designed to help you to complete your research assignment for the First Year Experience courses at the College of Allied Health Sciences. Apply the tips on finding and evaluating resources to your other research projects.

What's in the Guide

Your Assignment: Information about your library assignment for this course and forms for your article and book activities.

Get Started: Learn to access library resources anywhere, anytime.

Find Articles: Introduction into scholarly publications and tips on finding them in library databases and locating full text.

Find Books: Learn to search the library catalog for books and locate them at the library.

Find Web Resources: Some websites are more authoritative and reliable than others; learn how to find them.

Cite sources: Learn why we cite sources and how to do this properly.

Terminology: Learn the library language.

Ethics and Online Identity: Learn to use and share information online ethically, legally, and safely.

UC Common Reading: Connect to the Common Reading Research Guide.

Who wrote this Guide




Olga Hart
Langsam Library

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