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Using Information Sources Ethically and Legally

The guide is designed to help students maintain their academic integrity by using information sources ethically and legally.

New! A fun interactive tutorial is now available

You can learn about plagiarism and ways to avoid it by taking an interactive tutorial and test yourself by taking a quiz.

Please check out the tutorial Plagiarism: Why It Should Matter to You (BETA).


What is in this Guide

Academic Integrity and Attribution of Sources: importance of academic integrity and reasons to cite sources.

Understanding Plagiarism: Learn what constitutes plagiarism and play a couple of games to test yourself.

Avoidance Tips: Learn why students plagiarize, learn how to avoid plagiarism and how you can find help from libraries and writing centers.

To Cite or Not to Cite? Learn what needs to be cited and what does not. Test yourself by playing a game.

Paraphrasing: Learn what it is and what to use, get some tips for correct paraphrasing. Look at a sample essay and exercises with answers.

Test: Only the students who were told by their instructors to complete the test need to submit it. Others can test themselves by playing the games and doing exercises in this Guide.

Credits: links to tutorials from other institutions used to prepare this Guide.

Comments? Questions?

Please direct your comments, questions, and suggestions about this guide to
Olga Hart (, 556-1850)

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