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Language Resources

Resources on languages and cultures in the UC Libraries collections

Online library resources


Selected book series in the UC collections

Suggested catalog subject headings

Business etiquette -- [country]. For example,  Business etiquette -- Japan.

[country] -- Encyclopedias. For exampleChina -- Encyclopedias.

[country] -- Social life and customs. For example, Colombia -- Social life and customs.

Etiquette -- [country]. For example, Etiquette -- Saudi Arabia.

Festivals OR Festivals -- [country], for example: Festivals -- Germany

Folklore -- [country]. For example, Folklore -- Ireland.

Intercultural communication -- [country]. For example, Intercultural communication -- Australia.

Selected reference sources


Click on "Places" in the left-hand pane.

Search for a country or enter specific terms


Click on Menu - Browse videos . Select Cultural Anthropology or Area Studies or World Music, etc.

Sample video

People as Information Sources

UC is a multicultural global community. Faculty, staff, and students will be happy to share their knowledge of various cultures with you.

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