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LaTeX Resources



LaTeX is pronounced as either 'lay-tech' or 'lah-tech'. It is used to generate high quality typesetting outputs (reports, articles, theses, research papers etc.) Usually a LaTeX package contains:

  • Text Editor
    • Used to write the text and the mark-up commands.
    • Since LaTeX does not follow What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) like Microsoft Word, a text editor is required to make changes to the content of your document.
  • Compiler
    • Reads the text file, changes it into a format which computer understands and then generates a DIV (Device Independent) file.
    • This DIV file could be directly viewed on a screen, printed or used to generate a PDF file.


The Text Editor and Compiler can be downloaded separately or together as a package for different OS(s) as follows,


  • Download Text Editor & Compiler separately
  • Download Complete Package

  • Installation Guide


  • Download Complete Package
  • Other Text Editors (Optional)

  • Installation Guide


  • Download Complete Package
  • Installation Guide
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