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Training Guide

Training Overview

Learn about the new A-Z Database list now hosted in LibGuides at This training will help you to:  

  • Map to A-Z Database assets
  • Clean/delete any existing database LINK assets
  •  Utilize reusable content such as: database links, widgets and search boxes


  • Brief tour of the A-Z Database list
  • Review database types and resource icons
  • Adding a new subject to a guide
  • Identify links to A-Z databases
  • Map to an A-Z database
  • Remove database link or rich text box from guide
  • Time for hand's on and questions

Add New Subjects to Guides

  1. Click on pencil Edit icon next to "Subject" under "Last Updated" at the top left of guide
  2. Click in front of the appropriate subjects then click Save.

Remove or Change Subjects

  1. Click on the pencil Edit icon
  2. Deselect the unwanted subject and Save.

How Can You Tell What Type of Link It Is?

Adding a Database Link

  1. Click on Add/Reorder
  2. Select Database
  3. Search for the database and select
  4. Decide if you want to create a customized description and how to display the description
  5. Choose the position of the database on the page

Removing a Database LINK Asset or a Rich Text Box

Removing a Database LINK Asset

  1. Confirm that the link you plan to remove is a Database LINK Asset
  2. Click on the edit icon next to the link and select 'Remove' from the menu
  3. Click in front of "I understand this cannot be undone" and click on 'Delete'

Removing a Rich Text Box

  1. Confirm it's a rich text box and that any links to databases have been added as a Database Asset
  2. Click on the edit icon in the right corner of the text box
  3. Click on 'Delete'
  4. Click in front of "I understand this cannot be undone" and click on 'Delete'


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