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Summon Help and FAQ

Summon search tips

Phrase Searching: use quotation marks to search the words together. Example: “Chief Executive Officer”.

Boolean operators: type OR, NOT and AND  in ALL CAPS. Example: "Chief Executive Officer" OR CEO.

Nesting: use parentheses to OR concepts, then AND them with another concept. Example:
(CEO OR "Chief Executive Officer") AND (salaries OR wages).

Searching Specific Fields: use the following formula to search for the word in a specific field, such as author or abstract: 
field:(search words).
Example: Author:(Michael Porter).
Searchable fields:  Title; SubjectTerms; Author; Publisher; PublicationTitle; Volume; Issue; Language; Notes; ISBN; DEWEY.

Wildcards: use “?” and “*” to match, respectively, one character or multiple characters. Examples:

  • Organi?ation will find either "organization" or "organisation"
  • translat* will find "translate", "translation," "translator," etc.

Proximity: use the tilde (~) character and number at the end of multiple words to to find instances where those terms occur within that number of words of one another (regardless of order). Enclose multiple terms in quotation marks. Examples:

  • "recycling tires"~10 will find instances where the terms are 10 words apart or less.
  • "economic development oil prices"~20 will find sources where these words appear within 20 words of each other.

Date range search: add  { } characters with years to indicate a range. Example: {2009 TO 2011}.

Advanced search

Use the Advanced search form to specify the date range, field selection and other preferences more easily.

Advanced search form

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