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Online Tutorials: Tools and Best Practices

Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder

Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder makes creating videos very easy! Faculty and students can download stand-alone software to their Mac or PC to create:

  • screen recordings
  • Web-camera recordings.

CaptureSpace allows you to enhance your videos with drawing/annotation tools and simple editing of your videos.

Good uses

  • Demo and explain how to perform a task or solve a problem using specific software.
  • Make step by step software tutorials, product presentations.
  • Record classes and make them available instead of or in addition to face to face instruction.

More training resources

All documentation and training materials can be found on UCit's Kaltura page.


Best practices

Best practices for all tutorials.


  • Clarify your goals and create a storyboard for the visuals and audio.
  • Consider the time limits and pace.

Record video

  • Tidy up: clean up the desktop, turn off reminders and pop-ups, hide irrelevant toolbars, etc.
  • Record in segments, saving as you go along. That way, it is easier to re-record a small portion if there is an error.
  • Move the mouse slowly across the screen.
  • If there is text on screen, make sure it is readable.

Record audio

  • Use the best microphone you can get.
  • Record in a quiet room, without ambient noise.
  • Speak as though you are addressing a small audience in a large room.

Postproduction editing

  • Use available editing tools to highlight important points.
  • Be consistent: use the same fonts, callouts, colors, sizes, etc. (if editing is available).
  • Use only one type of transition per video (if applicable).

Modified from Create Engaging Sceencasts (PDF file)

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