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Online Tutorials: Tools and Best Practices

What is Articulate Storyline and when should I use it?

Articulate Storyline is a powerful tool for building interactive e-learning modules and online courses.  The interface is similar to PowerPoint, but offers significantly more functionality and options for publishing as an HTML5 webpage. Articulate Storyline can be used to produce simulations, quizzes, drag-and-drop interactions, screen recordings, and many other e-learning objects that users can interact with.

Articulate Storyline can be used if you want to create learning modules that present information in a non-linear or unconventional format, or modules that require a significant amount of interactive features. 

Sample tutorials created with Articulate Storyline


Training Resources

UC also has an awesome Articulate Storyline community that meets regularly and has a Blackboard group to discuss any issues, offer suggestions, etc. To become involved, contact Kent Meloy at 513.556.9494 or email him at

Best practices


  • Analyse needs and objectives to define the learning activities.
  • Identify which information is essential (vs. 'nice to have').
  • Consider how interaction can be incorporated.



  • Start simple (cover the basics) and then add elements to prevent boredom.
  • Add interaction (quizzes or branching) to ensure understanding.

Articulate Storyline's Accessiblity statements and best practices

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