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ENGL 2089: Intermediate Composition (UCBA)

Starting point for research for all sections of ENGL 2089.

Student Pre-Work

For course sections receiving an in person library instruction class:

Please complete the pre-work noted in Steps 1-4 so you're ready to go for the library instruction class! 

Questions? Contact Lauren Wahman, UCBA Librarian, at

Step 1: Watch Research Ideas Tutorial + Create Concept Map

Watch this short video and create a concept map using your research topic. Use the Word template provided, use blank paper, whatever format works for you. 

Reminder: Bring map with you to the library instruction class.

Step 2: Review Summon Basics

This tutorial provides a brief overview of Summon.

Step 3: Watch Types of Articles

Watch this quick video to learn the differences between article types.  This video will help you get ready for the team activity in the library instruction class.

Step 4: Watch What is a Literature Review?

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