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ENGL 2089: Intermediate Composition (UCBA)

Starting point for research for all sections of ENGL 2089.

Student Pre-Work

For course sections that have a library instruction class:

  • Please complete the pre-work noted in Steps 1-4 so you're ready to go for the library instruction class. 
  • Questions? Contact Lauren Wahman, UCBA Librarian, at

Step 1: Watch Research Ideas Tutorial + Create Concept Map

Watch this short video and create a concept map using your research topic. Use the Word template provided, use blank paper, whatever format works for you. 

Reminder: Bring map to the library instruction class.

Step 2: Watch Summon: Beyond the Basics

This tutorial reviews advanced tips and tricks for using the Summon search engine.

Summon Basics

Optional: Watch the Summon Basics video if you're new to Summon or just need a quick review.

Step 3: Watch Types of Articles

Step 4: What is a Literature Review?

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