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FYE for Faculty at UCBA

Introduction to the information literacy element for FYE courses.

Course & Assignment Info

Course: MGMT 1050 Introduction to Business
Assignment: Article Review 
Library Faculty Liaison: Lauren Wahman

Module Instructions, Tips & Troubleshooting

Questions?  Contact your library faculty liaison.


  • For best results, complete the module on a PC.
  • Remember to read all instructions.
  • In case of technology issues, allow students at least two attempts to complete module.


  • Module will open in a new window: 
    • If not, select the “Click to Launch” link or “Launch Course” button. 
  • Module should work on a variety of browsers and devices: 
    • If not, please try another browser.
  • If a button or action isn’t responding the way you believe it should, there is likely something that needs to be read, watched, or clicked on the screen. 

1. Student Pre-Work

To get students ready for the class activity, ask them to complete the following pre-work prior to class:

  • Introduction to the Library Module
    Overviews on student services and the research process.  Embed module in Blackboard (via zip file).
  • Summon Basics Tutorial
    Introduces UC Libraries search tool. Embed video in Blackboard (link below).

2. Class Activity

Here are the class activity instructions and activity video.  Additional resources have been included that may be helpful in preparing for the activity.

3. Starting Point for Research Assignment

The MGMT 1050 course guide is a great starting point for students. Link can be posted in Blackboard course site or accessed from the UCBA Library website > Browse All Guides > Course Guides.

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