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FYE for Faculty at UCBA

Introduction to the information literacy element for FYE courses.

Course & Assignment Info

Course: MLTI 1021 Student Success: Major Exploration
Assignment: Career Research
Library Faculty Liaison: Kellie Tilton

1. Student Pre-Work

Depending on your class time, this can be assigned as flipped content for students to view before the class or at the beginning of the class.

  • Introduction to the Library Module
    • What it is: An interactive module containing an overview of library services, resources and faculty. It also has a brief introduction to research.
    • How to deploy it: By embedding it into Blackboard via the zip file emailed by Kellie Tilton
    • How long it should take: 5-15 minutes
    • Can have points assigned
  • Summon Basics Tutorial
    • What it is: A brief overview of using the database Summon.
    • How to deploy it: Embed in Blackboard using the Kaltura Shared Repository (directions emailed by Kellie Tilton)
    • How long it should take: 2 minutes


2. Class Activity

The links below will provide the content for a suggested in-class activity.

3. Additional Resources

The following tutorials may be useful in your class. Feel free to link to these videos as needed!

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