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FYE for Faculty at UCBA

Introduction to the information literacy element for FYE courses.

Introduction to a College Library for Study Skills Courses

These example activities and resources are for instructors teaching study skills courses.  They are designed to provide students with a basic introduction to a college library, led by the course instructor, and include the following:

  • Student learning outcome(s)
  • Activity instructions
  • Worksheet templates
  • Homework ideas

Note: these can be used as stand-alone activities or can be bundled together as a small unit or learning module.  

Questions? Contact Lauren Wahman, UCBA Librarian

Library Icebreaker

This icebreaker activity is a great way to introduce the UCBA Library in 5-10 minutes!

Introduction to an Academic Library

This activity can provide an opportunity for students to discuss their experiences in using public and school libraries and their expectations for using a college library.

Library Website Tutorial & Quiz

This short video provides an overview of the UCBA Library website including starting points for resources and how to get research help when students need it.  Video and quiz can be used as an in class activity or as homework. 

Research Process Experience

This activity can provide a starting point for class discussions on libraries and student research experiences.

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