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Information Literacy for Faculty at UCBA

Overview of the Library's information literacy and instruction program.

Keep Librarians in the Loop

Share your assignments (including the due date) with your library faculty liaison.  This helps us provide appropriate support when students have research questions.

Identify Learning Outcomes

What learning outcome(s) relate to the research process for the assignment?

  • What research abilities would you like students to develop through the assignment?
  • How will the learning outcomes and their importance be communicated in the assignment?

Scaffold the Assignment

Break a research assignment into a sequence of smaller, more manageable tasks:

  • Helps students stay on track
  • Avoid last-minute plagiarism
  • Provides opportunities for feedback
  • Models how to approach a research question and manage time effectively

Communicate Your Expectations

Students may have little or no experience in doing college-level research.  Providing a written assignment helps students understand the assignment and the expectations.  It's also useful for librarians who may help your students with the research process.

Important: dedicate time in class to talk about the assignment so students can ask questions.

Consider including:

  • Assignment purpose
  • Guidance on topics (e.g., topic approval or provide list of pre-researched topic choices)
  • Purpose of research and sources for assignment
  • Suggested starting points for locating relevant and high-quality sources
  • Citing practices
  • Defining terms that may be unclear (e.g., scholarly, database)
  • Length of assignment and other requirements (e.g., due date)
  • Writing support links (e.g., UCBA Writing & Study Skills Center)

Test Your Assignment

Testing your assignment can identify potential stumbling blocks to conducting research (e.g., source no longer available, not enough book copies for all students). 

Contact your UCBA librarian who can help with this!  We can offer options to help ensure student access to resources.

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