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Information Literacy for Faculty at UCBA

Overview of the Library's information literacy and instruction program.

Submit Library Instruction Request

Submit using the Teaching Support @ UCBA Library link:

  • Heather Maloney: Allied Health, Nursing
  • Michelle McKinney: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, & Computer Science, Veterinary Technology
  • Kellie Tilton: Art & Visual Communication, Behavioral Science, eMedia, History, Philosophy, & Political Science
  • Lauren Wahman: Business & Economics, English & Communication, Foreign Language

Spring 2020: deadline has passed. Please contact your library faculty liaison with any questions.

Scheduling Guidelines

Please note the following when scheduling a library instruction class:

  • Faculty/Course instructors must be present during the library instruction class
  • Classes must be linked to a research assignment or project; we're unable to provide general library orientations
  • Classes are limited to one hour
  • Requests submitted after the scheduling deadline will not be accommodated
  • Classes are not scheduled during the following:
    • Weeks 1-2 or 12-15 of fall and spring semesters
    • First week or last two weeks of summer semester

Refer to the UCBA Library Instruction Policy for more infomation.

Class Cancellation 
Library faculty will cancel the library instruction class if the faculty/course instructor doesn't arrive within 10 minutes of the class start time.  Faculty/Course instructors should refer to their department's guidelines for making substitute instructor arrangements.

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