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DAAP Special Collections

The DAAP Library’s collection of artists' books includes works by many famous artists: Sol LeWitt, Edward Ruscha, Dieter Roth, Jenny Holzer, Yoko Ono and others. The collection also comprises several hundred hand-crafted books, many of which serve as exce

The DAAP Library’s special collections room includes artists' books by many famous artists: Sol LeWitt, Edward Ruscha, Dieter Roth, Jenny Holzer, Yoko Ono and others. The collection is also comprised of several hundred hand-crafted books, many of which serve as excellent examples of fine binding and book illustration and reflect a focus on the artistic movements of the 1970s and 1980s. The Library Catalog lists the collection at the DAAP Library (conduct a subject search on "Artists' Books" in the library catalog and limit the location to DAAP Library (see screenshot).

Subject searches only search the catalog's subject field, you have to know the proper subject heading for this type of search to work:

  • Subject Search Examples
    • artists' books--20th century --Exhibitions
    • artists' books--England--London

Pick a theme and search as a keyword combined with the subject term "Artists' Books":

  • Keyword: walking AND  artists' books SUBJ.

If you know the title of the book or the book's author, enter it last name first:

  • Material Time, Work Time, Life Time  TITLE
  • Roth, Dieter Author


Viewing Hours

Viewing is by appointment only and availability can widely vary. Please plan visits well in advance.

If you have any questions please contact Special Collections Librarians,

Elizabeth Meyer or Andrea Chemero

Books about artists' books

Websites about Artists' Books

Artists' Books Online  Artists' Books Online is designed to promote critical engagement with artists books and to provide access to a digital repository of metadata, scans, and commentary. The project serves several different communities: artists, scholars and critics, librarians and curators, and interested readers. ABsOnline operates as an online collection with curatorial guidelines established by an advisory board of professionals. Founded in 2004 ABsOnline is an ongoing project hosted at the University of Virginia under the direction of Johanna Drucker and with assistance from staff and interns working with the University Library and its units in digital scholarship. Anyone interested in participating in the project should contact us directly for guidelines on submissions.

The Book Arts Web This site features links to a large selection of book arts related sites on the web, including educational opportunities, professional organizations, tutorials, reference materials, and galleries with images. It is maintained by Syracuse University Librarian and Research Analyst,  Peter D. Verheyen.

Franklin Furnace Archive

Franklin Furnace began as an artists' bookstore. When Printed Matter opened up a few blocks away, through a mutual agreement, Printed Matter became an artists' bookstore and Franklin Furnace became an artists' book archives and exhibition center. Years later, the Franklin Furnace collection of artists' books became the largest in this country. In 1993 the collection was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art Library's collection, forming the world's premier repository, and entitled the Museum of Modern Art / Franklin Furnace / Artists' Books Collection. To this day, Franklin Furnace maintains this mutually beneficial relationship with MoMA by contributing additional copies of artists' books as well as by maintaining its own collection on the campus of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Joan Flasch Artists' book collection

The Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection (JFABC) brings together over twelve thousand artists’ publications in all formats and media including: books, zines, multiples, video, and audio recordings, digital works, periodicals, and other unique works of art created by artists of local, national, and international significance. Focusing on materials published from the 1960s to the present, it is complemented by collections of reference works and exhibition catalogues to support in-depth research on artists’ publishing.

New York Center for the Book Arts

Center for Book Arts promotes active explorations of artistic practices related to the book as an art object. Founded in 1974, Center for Book Arts (CBA) is the oldest non-profit dedicated to uplifting and furthering the book arts & book art through education, preservation, exhibition, generation, and community building.The book arts and book art inherently democratize the powerful media of the book by empowering people to harness the format independent from the exclusive industry of commercial publishing.

Printed Matter, Inc. Founded in 1976, Printed Matter, Inc. is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination, understanding and appreciation of artists’ books and related publications.

San Francisco Center for the Book 

Organization for books and bookmaking, the history, artistry, and continuing presence of books in our culture and enduring importance as a medium of self-expression.  For Bay Area book artists and also a place where the wider community can discover book arts.

Mary Austin and Kathleen Burch, Founders of the San Francisco Center for the Book, recognized a growing need in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and on the West Coast for a facility specifically designed and equipped to support the appreciation, teaching, and creation of book arts. The first center of its kind on the West Coast, San Francisco Center for the Book was incorporated in March of 1996 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Women's Studio Workshop  Founded in 1974 to develop an alternative space for artists to create new work and share skills. They provide grants, workspace, internships and classes.

Journals about Artists' Books

Journal of Artists' Books (JAB):

Available in Art Full Text (H.W. Wilson) through UC’s Library Database subcriptions: Years 1997-2011

RISD's JAB Exhibit

Umbrella Online:

Umbrella was founded by curator Judith Hoffberg in 1978.

1987-2005 Available freely online:

Also through IUPUI's archive:

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