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ENGL 2089: English Intermediate Composition at Clermont

Starting point for research for ENG 2089 assignments

Scholarly Sources

Scholarly journal articles are different from other article types and can be challenging to read. Be sure to have a good understanding of your research focus. Although your research topic may evolve as you work through the research process, having a solid idea of what you want to focus on will help you make sure the article you have chosen is relevant to your research.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article Video

The Anatomy of a Scholarly Article video outlines strategies for reading this type of article. 

  1. Watch Anatomy of a Scholarly Article video (3:12)
  2. Scan your potential article using strategies noted in video
  3. If article is promising, read full article and annotate as you read

Evaluation of Scholarly Sources

The Evaluating Scholarly Resources video frames the concept of evaluating scholarly articles using four core questions: who, what, when, why. 

  1. Watch Evaluating Scholarly Resources video (1:21)
  2. Review potential scholarly articles using the four questions to frame your initial analysis

Continue your source analysis by referring to 4. Evaluate Your Info on this guide for more evaluation questions to consider.

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