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Legal Technology Competency

About the Legal Technology Competency

What is the Legal Technology Competency?

The Legal Technology Competency is a non-credit based program open to University of Cincinnati law students who would like to learn more about technology.  University of Cincinnati Law students who complete the requirements of the Legal Technology Competency Checklist before graduation will receive a notation on their transcript stating that they are competent with respect to technology.

Who can participate in the Legal Technology Competency? 

Any University of Cincinnati College of Law student can participate in the Legal Technology Competency.

Why should I participate in the Legal Technology Competency?

In 2012, the American Bar Association adopted comment 8 to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.1 which means that in addition to the duty to be competent in the law and its practice, attorneys also now have a duty to be competent in their use of technology. As you move forward in your professional careers you will need to have the skills necessary to comply with this duty of technology competence. Completing this program will help you understand what it means to be technologically competent and will provide you with a notation on your transcript that you can present to employers to demonstrate your technology competence.  

How can I learn more about the Legal Technology Competency?

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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