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RefWorks (Legacy)

Information about setting up and using a RefWorks account

Guide Transition

  • This guide is transitioning to a single Citation Management Software guide If you are linking to this guide, please update your link.  
  • No updates to this guide will be made moving forward. 
  • On August 31st any links to this guide will be redirected to the Citation Management Software guide.
  • This guide will be deleted in December. 

WELCOME to the RefWorks Information Portal

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati Libraries' RefWorks portal. The purpose of this portal is to connect UC students, faculty and staff with the information and resources they may require to effectively utilize RefWorks.

How to use the RefWorks Portal

Click on the category tabs on the left to access or identify resources OR use the Search box above to enter keywords, e.g,, backup or full text, for your topic or resource need.


Next Generation RefWorks


  RefWorks has undergone a significant platform enhancement.  Explore the possibilities of this new version of RefWorks.

 RefWorks Classes


  UC Libraries has posted new RefWorks classes.  Please see the UC Libraries' Calendar of Classes to discover the focus, time, date and location of these RefWorks workshops.

RefWorks Maintenance



ProQuest will be performing system maintenance on Saturday, June 14th , 2014 from 10:00 PM EDT (GMT/UTC -4 hours) to Sunday, June 15th  6 AM EDT (GMT/UTC -4 hours).  RefWorks will not be accessible during this time.

New Guide for Write-N-Cite 4.0



 RefWorks recently published the "Write-N-Cite Quick Start Guide."  This is a brief 4 page but pithy guide to using Write-N-Cite 4.0.  Bookmark the Guide or save it to your desktop and refer to it often. 

Write-N-Cite 4.0



To learn how to install and use this new, robust version of WnC visit the Connecting to Write-N-Cite 4.0  box.  

Write-N-Cite 4.0



RefWorks has fixed the problems associated with the early introduction of WnC 4.0,  most notably the synchroniztion problem.    The synchronizaton between your RefWorks database and your Word document , which once took up to 10 minutes, rarely takes more than a few seconds.  WnC 4.0 is now both robust and FAST. 

RefShare problems update

. (5/16/2013)


RefShare (RefWorks sharing utility) continues to experience problems with the "export" function from RefShare sites.  Presently, the only way to export references from RefShare is via the "All in List" option.   RefWorks is presently in the process of revamping the RefShare utility

RefShare problems



For the past 2 or 3 weeks there has been a problem with the "export" function from RefShare sites.  It has not been possible to export either "selected" or a "page" of references.  However, it is possible to select "All in List" and to export these references.

Write-N-Cite 4.0



The new version of WnC works beautifully for many RefWorks users.  Others have had frustrating problems.  If you fall into the latter category see Write-N-Cite 4.0  -- Yea or Nay? 

RefWorks Login Problems



RefWorks has been experiencing IP authentication problems this morning because of a hardware upgrade late Thursday night.  Consequently, both on-campus and off-campus logins have been inoperable.  The problem has been fixed, and now you should be able to login into RefWorks and its auxiliary programs Write-N-Cite and RefShare.  However, all RefWorks users will need to clear their internet browser cache of cookies and restart their browsers before attempting to log back in again.

For additional information about clearing you browser’s cache and fixing connection problems please see the RefWorks Connection Problems??? help page. Also, all off-campus uses must access RefWorks via either VPN or the UC Libraries proxy server. UC Libraries offers workshops for new and intermediate RefWorks users.  Please see the UC Libraries' Calendar of Classes to discover the focus, time, date and location of the seven RefWorks workshops offered over the next three months

New RefWorks Classes




Write-N-Cite 4.0



Write-N-Cite version 4 for Windows was released in June, 2012.  Though RefWorks has resolved significant installation issues,  WnC version 4 continues to have synchronization issues that result in unacceptable delays in a classroom setting.   Until this problem is resolved the RefWorks workshops offered on the west campus will continue to use version 3 of WnC.

New RefWorks classes!!



Four new RefWorks hands-on workshops have been added to the UC Libraries Calendar of Classes for April 2012.

Write-N-Cite 4.0



Getting closer!! The new version of Write-N-Cite has been released to RefWorks administrators for previewing. It should be available for all RefWorks users in a few weeks.


What is RefWorks and What can it do for you?

  • RefWorks is an Internet-based research records management service that facilitates the collection and management of citations to articles, books, web pages and many other types of sources.
  • RefWorks is licensed by the University of Cincinnati Libraries and is available at no cost to all students, faculty and staff. 
  • RefWorks can facilitate many of the most tedious aspects of your research work by empowering you to:
    • Electronically collect, organize and manage your references in a personal database
    • Easily format bibliographies, footnotes and in-text citations into almost any output style
    • Conveniently link references to full-text articles, eliminating unwieldy storage of paper copy
    • Access your personal database 24/7 anywhere you have Internet access
    • Collaborate with other RefWorks users on a shared project
    • Share references from your RefWorks database with anyone who has Internet access
    • Receive free automatic quarterly upgrades (no installation required)

    Off Campus & On Campus Access

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