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AIS 3001-4099: Applied Interdisciplinary Studies

Starting point for Bachelor of Technical & Applied Studies (BTAS) Program research assignments.

Welcome: AIS 4099 Senior Capstone

On this page (plus other pages on guide), you'll find helpful Library resources to support the annotated bibliography and literature review for the Project Report assignment. This includes videos, worksheets, and strategies to guide you through the process of researching the focus for your service learning organization. Note: always check with your professor for the project details.

Using This Course Page:
It's best to follow these steps in order. You can also browse the pages from the navigation, as needed.

  • Research Topic page for Mapping Your Research Ideas video and Keyword Map worksheet
  • Find Sources page for Summon: Beyond the Basics video
  • AIS 4099 course page for Search Strategies, A Literature Review is More Than a Summary video, and Literature Review worksheet
  • Cite Sources page for MLA or APA resources (e.g. in text citations)

Search Strategies & Scholarly Journal Articles

Use your team's Keyword Map worksheet to start searching Summon (Find Sources page or Articles search box on UC Libraries website) to find scholarly articles and more.


  • Potential Keywords and Phrases - can be found in a range of sources (e.g. service learning organization's website, marketing materials, strategic plan) and added to your Keyword Map worksheet 
  • Local, Cincinnati Organizations - you may not find scholarly journal articles talking about your specific organization. Instead, consider the following:
    • Use Broad Keywords and Phrases - describing the purpose and/or scope of your organization (e.g. food pantries, food bank, food programs, job training programs, community partnerships)
  • Be Flexible - consider using broad and narrow keywords and phrases​​​​​​, especially when searching for specific types of sources (e.g. scholarly journal articles)
Additional Help:
Refer to the Scholarly Journal Articles subpage on this guide for a refresher on characteristics and strategies for reading. 

What's a Literature Review?

A literature review is a comprehensive overview of the published work (e.g. scholarly journal articles) on a research topic or question. Although literature reviews can include basic summaries, the focus is on analysis and considering all perspectives on the topic. Keep in mind there are different kinds of literature reviews including the type of information needed and the amount of time to work on them. Note: always check with your professor for the assignment details.

  • Download Literature Review worksheet (Word file link)
  • Watch What's a Literature Review video (3:29 minutes)
  • Once you find a potential source for the literature review, use the worksheet as you analyze the article 

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